Mothers Day Gift Guide – Outdoors – Garden – Lawn

Willow Organic Biochar

Willow organic biochar

Willow is an eco-friendly soil startup based out of California. Their organic, biochar-based soil amendments are designed to help gardeners use less water, improve soil biodiversity, and reduce their climate footprint. Their biochar is carbon negative, meaning each bag they produce removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

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HappyBond Dog Supplements

Happybond Dog Supplements

In addition to their innovative collagen supplements, HAPPYBOND offers treats and accessories on their website.  Learn more at:

Bow Wow Labs Bully Sticks

bow wow labs billy sticks

Over half a million dogs each year are estimated to choke on or swallow an object that’s too big for them to digest. In fact, veterinarians everywhere can attest that gastrointestinal distress is the most common reason for emergency vet visits, and even more troubling, bully sticks are often the culprit.

  Beware the tail-end of the bully stick!  Dogs and dog owners love bully sticks because they are easy-to-digest, natural, healthy, stimulating, and delicious. But as dogs chew the stick down, they increase the risk of choking on the tail end of the treat. If that little nub gets swallowed whole, your dog could choke or develop an intestinal blockage – both of which are serious medical emergencies.  This is not a small risk either – it happens All. The. Time.

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