What Does 

NPK Mean on a Fertilzier Label?

Fertilizers come with 3 numbers on them. Such as...


– The first number shows the ratio of nitrogen in the fertilizer – The second number represents the ratio of phosphorus. – The third number is the ratio of potassium


N is for Nitrogen

It is a macro-nutrient that is key for feeding lawns. Almost all grass types rely heavily on nitrogen for their development.

P is for Phosphorus

It is important for the general well-being of the lawn, especially when starting out. In a starter fertilizer, phosphorus will help with faster root development as well as general growth rate.

K is for Potassium

You need to put down some potassium to help your lawn become more drought-tolerant especially in the summer days.

Now that you know the role of those 3 letters on your fertilizer, you’re  right to think that the top-rated products we reviewed would be best  for your needs.