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First off, we appreciate you wanting to learn more about us. You have probably been reading our lawn care blog posts for some time or this is your first time here. Or you may have found us through our Pinterest channel or Instagram Account. No matter how you found us, thank you! 

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As part of the Lawn Liberty Network our aim is to educate the DIY’er about proper lawn care so that you can have that golf course quality lawn in your own backyard. We have a small team of lawn professionals and lawniacts that write for us. Here is a quick intro to each of our contributors and writers.

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Alex Kuritz


Alex is the original founder of the site and has been in the landscaping biz for over 15 years. His knowledge on turf grass is beyond amazing. In addition to maintaining his own 5000 sq ft yard that features Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses (if you can believe that), he also cares for many of his neighbors’ yards as well. He currently dwells in Southern Alabama.

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Jeremy Wenger

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Jeremy Wenger grew up in the Blue Collar industry through his father owning a successful tree business for nearly 20 years. His first business venture, at 18 years old, the company turned over $250,000 in contracts within a 9 month period. The owner went on to hand the business to his sons and is now retired. Jeremy’s been successfully working with skilled tradesmen in multiple industries since 2011. www.sellinghardscapes.com

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Rob Boirun

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Rob started his passion for lawn care before he was 10 years old when we would regularly help his grandfather tend to his yard in Jupiter, FL which got him involved with learning all about St. Augustine and Floratam grasses. His grandfather was also a headmaster at a local golf course and going on rounds with him drove home the interest and passion in overall lawn and grass maintenance. Today, he lives in Huntsville, AL, and focuses on the digital side of things by helping lawn companies, landscape companies, paving companies, and more by focusing on their marketing and growing their outdoor businesses. His knowledge of all types of Bermuda grasses is welcome here. He is also part owner of LawnLiberty which is a network of businesses all in the yard care and landscaping industries.

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My Bermuda Backyard

Other Contributors To CrabgrassLawn.com

Mike Kane
of IBegYourGarden.com
Holly Maguire
for Simple Lawn Solutions