St. Augustine Grass Vs Bermuda Grass: Differences, Pictures, Comparison

Both St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass are great warm-season lawn grasses. You’d pick them if you live in warm areas and would like to grow a great lawn. Some people mix grass seed of the two, others choose to seed with just one. Should you choose Bermuda grass or St. Augustine grass? In summary, … Read more

Bermuda grass vs Fescue: Differences and Identification (with Pictures)

Bermuda grass Identification Bermuda grass is a lawn grass species that is native to Africa and certain parts of Asia. Also known as Cynodon dactylon, this grass species tends to invade lawns, gardens and flowerbeds where it isn’t wanted. If you suspect that your lawn has been invaded by Bermuda grass; you should know exactly … Read more

Bermuda Grass Mowing Height, Frequency, Seasons and Tips

Bermuda grass mowing height

The recommended Bermuda grass mowing height is 1.5 inches for hybrid varieties and 1 inch for common varieties. You might, however, need to adjust the frequency and height depending on the season and type of Bermuda grass you’ve grown on your lawn to maximize growth, health, and thickness. Here’s a complete guide on the height … Read more

How to Kill Bermuda Grass and Get Rid of it in Your Lawn

Bermuda grass, casually known as devil’s grass or couch grass, is beloved by homeowners and landscaping professionals for its drought-hardiness and wear resistance. It’s also great as animal fodder. Is Bermuda grass a weed in lawns and flower beds? Apart from being good for hay, lawns and golf courses, Bermuda grass is also an invasive weed, especially … Read more

Brown Spots in Bermuda Grass: Causes & How to Get Rid of the Patches

How to get rid of brown spots in bermuda grass

In a nutshell, the common causes of brown spots in bermuda grass lawns include excessive shade, soil compaction and aeration problems, lawn fungus infection, and dormancy. You can easily get rid of these brown patches by treating lawn fungus, aerating your lawn and reducing shade. Gotten sick and tired of the unsightly brown patches of … Read more

Types of Bermuda Grass and Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay & Golf

Types of Bermuda grass and varieties for different uses

Looking to upgrade your landscaping by switching to Bermuda grass? Scientifically known as Cynodon dactylon, Bermuda grass is a low-maintenance turf grass that is typically grown from Bermuda seeds. The seeds determine the quality and variety of grass. Different types of Bermuda grass varieties generally have a short germination period, owing to the natural removal of … Read more

How to Make Bermuda Grass Thicker, Greener and Fuller

How to make bermuda grass thicker

There’s a reason why a lawn with Bermuda grass is thinning out. The major reason is usually skimpy topsoil that gets compacted easily making it difficult for air, nutrients, and water to reach the grass roots. Too much shade, inadequate fertilizer, and sometimes insect and disease infestation can make bermudagrass lawns thin. If a thin … Read more