Sunday Lawn Care Review & Promo Code – Real Case Study

So I picked up the starter box from Get Sunday this summer so I could try out this new done-for-you lawn care in-a-box. I’m always in favor of making lawn work easier and if all I need to do is attach a few bags of fertilizer to my hose each season and spray in on to have a weed free and green lawn then I’ll be a happy camper.

At first glance, this seems like a product for those that don’t really care about all the lingo that goes into lawn care, weed control, etc.. They just want it to look good and don’t want to pay too much for it. So in this review of the Sunday Lawn Starter, I’ll go over who Sunday is ideal for and the types of yards that will benefit from this kit.

Here is the initial Sunday Starter Kit I received:

sunday lawn care contents in box
sunday lawn care fertilizer packs

Just Spray It On

My neighbors lawn wasn’t at its best and he tried almost everything on the market, until I got this box from Sunday to review. It truly turned his world upside-down and brought life to his lawn, that was full of crabgrass. We felt drawn to write this review so that we can inform others on how fantastic this lawn subscription is! 

What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription program that offers lawn fertilizers. Their product is both pet and child-safe. A natural fertilization solution is provided which is catered specifically to the needs of your soil and lawn. 

Is The Cost Of Sunday Worthwhile?

A question we are asked most is if this product works on all types of yards. Yes, it’s cheaper to go out to a nursery and buy and mix the solution yourself. And having professional lawn services like Turn Keeper, Fairway Lawns, etc.. will costs you hundreds of dollars a month.

However, one thing that Sunday Lawn Care has that you don’t is a line of experts that match the specific needs of your lawn and soil to the solution that is ultimately sent to you. Added to this, you’re also receiving a blend of natural lawn care ingredients

There’s a variety of all-in-one mixes that are available on the market. Nonetheless, this isn’t the answer if you wish to see your lawn grow in optimal conditions. There are a vast amount of factors that aid in making your grass luscious:

  • Does it have enough iron?
  • Is there too much nitrogen in this particular fertilizer?
  • Is there too much or too few nutrients in the grass such as calcium, sulfur, and magnesium?
  • IS my lawn receiving enough of the ‘big N-P-K?’ (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium)

Knowing the process and being able to do the calculations is a great skill. Nevertheless, as much as you want a thriving lawn, you also have a life. That is what’s so appealing about Sunday Lawn Care. A customized lawn fertilizer being delivered to your doorstep at scheduled intervals sounds almost too good to be true! But, it’s real and its name is Sunday Lawn Care. 

Sunday Lawn Care Before & After Examples

sunday lawn care before & after example

Here is a great example from a Sunday Smart Lawn Care user that shows half of a lawn of a duplex where one side is being treated with Sunday and the other nothing. I don’t need to tell you which is which. 😉

sunday lawn care before & after example

Here is another example showing the greening affect that Sunday can do for you. The filter on the camera may be making it darker than it is but still captures the difference on how Sunday can give you a deeper green and healthier look.

How Does Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Subscription Work?

By giving Sunday Lawn Care your physical address, they are already able to determine an initial regional soil analysis. Along with this, they use Google Maps to capture the size of your lawn. Here is how Sunday mapped my yard to determine how much product I will be needing in my subscription.

Sunday Lawn Care Lawn map

In a week or so, you’ll receive a customized lawn care subscription box. This provides your initial application at the beginning of the season. Included in this is a fertilizer and a hose spray connector, which we advise you to keep for future applications. 

Sunday Lawn Care Hose Adapter

The hose spray connector screws on tightly and features an on-off value as well. All you need to do is turn on your water for it to begin to spray. While the water sprays, the solution mixes with it and is distributed in a fan pattern. Make sure to thoroughly cover your entire lawn until the bag is empty which is around 15-20 minutes to empty.

The Sunday Soil Test

Sunday Lawn Care Soil Test

The Sunday subscription also includes a soil test kit. In with kit, you will find a collection spoon, bag, as well as prepaid collection box. They recommend that you collect soil samples from three different areas of your lawn. 

On the bag, they have a prominent line as well as a zip-lock style seal. This is to indicate how much soil should be put in the bag. Fill it to the line and then seal it. After this, all you need to do is put the bag in the prepaid box and place it in the mail.

You can expect to receive your results three weeks after sending off your soil sample. An email will be sent to you and you should be redirected to the official Sunday Lawn Care website where your results can be viewed. 

Regional soil makeup that is based on your location, rainfall, average temperatures, and seasonal growth patterns for grass can all be seen on the Lawn Data section. However, the real fun comes in when you see the results for your soil test. This is where you can compare how your soil differs from that of your regional averages as well as what specific requirements your grass has. 

You’re presented with a simple overview with letter grading of key aspects. These key aspects of your soil include soil salt, fertility, and nutrients. Added to this, you receive a breakdown of all the aspects of your soil that are lacking. 

The Soil Plan feature provides the details of what Sunday Lawn Care plans to focus on in the future lawn solution subscriptions to balance these deficiencies. 

Sunday Weed Warrior – Weed Control & Killer Spray Review

how affective is sunday weed warrior on weeds?

The Weed Warrior product from Sunday is an organic herbicidal soap that comes in a spray bottle that you simply spray directly onto weeds in your lawn. The product works by “penetrating the waxy cuticle of plants, causing the plant to dehydrate and die.” This is a non-selective killer so it will kill whatever you spray it on including all grass types, algae, and moss including all weed types. So be careful with it. 🙂

You can pickup a pack of 2 bottles for $20 here.

Why Should You Choose Sunday Lawn Care?

Their innovative solution to the problem of applying harmful chemicals to our grass endlessly is proving to positively impact the growth of our lawn. The natural ingredients that are used to correct the imbalances of your soil are something that sets them apart from any other fertilizer.

The Bottom Line:

We are extremely happy with how the lawn is looking. It is convenient and easy to apply. Everything we need to take care of our lawn is delivered straight to our doorstep. 

My neighbor can take care of his lawn in a matter of 30 minutes each season. It’s that quick and simple! Moreover, he has so much relief being able to let the kids and pets run free around the lawn and not having to worry about all the harmful chemicals they are surrounded by, because there are none. 

Something that is really impressive is that all their ingredients are natural. That is the main reason why they are sticking with Sunday Lawn Care, and only them for the foreseeable future.  

Sunday Lawn Care Promo Codes

Verified for Spring/Summer 2021: Use Promo code: CGLAWN20 to take $20 off your total.