What Sort Of Topdressing Is Best For Leveling Lawns?

There are 3 types of topdressing, each with its own benefits:

  • Sand topdressings
  • Soil and Sand Mix
  • Compost, Soil, and Sand Mix
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Leveling Lawn With Sand Top Dressing

100% sand topdressings are the quickest for leveling. Sand has excellent stability and binds well with the clay content in soils. 

It’s also fantastic for drainage, as it allows the majority of water to pass straight through; however, this can lead to a dearth of accessible moisture for your grass.

Furthermore, sand offers nothing in the way of nutrition or microbial benefits, which can impart even more unnecessary pressure on your lawn.

Leveling Lawn With a Soil and Sand Mix

Then there are soil/sand concoctions. These topdressings can be custom mixed, but there should always be more sand than soil — we’re talking roughly a 30/70 split.

The solid content makes for a much more lawn-friendly leveler.

Leveling Lawn With a Compost, Soil and Sand Mix

But if you really want to show your grass babies some love, go for a 3-way compost/soil/sand mix.

Compost stabilizes soil structure and introduces tons of nutrients for your grass to soak up in order to form a healthy and robust lawn. I recommend a ratio of:

  • 6 parts sand.
  • 3 parts soil
  • And 1 part compost

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