How to Keep Cars Out of Yard [Parking Barriers Ideas]

Tired of unauthorized cars invading your lawn or driveway? A few people have been asking me about the best parking barriers ideas to protect their lawn.

Whether you’re dealing with neighbors damaging your lawn, or seeking ways to protect your property, I compiled a list of effective driveway deterrents to prevent cars from causing any lawn damage.

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Driveway Boulders – Rock & Fiberglass

These round boulders not only look good but they will keep cars from parking in your grass. Just try running over 1 of these. First, you’ll damage your bumper and if you hit it fast enough and in the right spot then you can do some major undercarriage damage. Just don’t be a jerk and put them inches off of the street as most likely people will hit them with their cars eventually.

Here are some options you can have sent directly to your door from everyone’s friend, Mr.Amazon.

EMSCO Group Landscape Rock – Natural Sandstone Appearance –...
  • Overall dimensions: 11" x 26.5" x 27"(height x length x width). Review the rock dimensions photo showing variations in both height and overall footprint.
  • Natural texture and appearance that blends greatly with gardens, lawns, and landscapes! Due to variances in screen calibrations and manufacturing process, coloration may vary.
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions and comes with two stakes to anchor into the ground.

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Even though these are lightweight fiberglass rocks, they will make an impact on your lawn to prevent people from parking or driving on it. Plus they won’t break your back getting them into place. I’ve used these on a few projects.

Here is another fiberglass option:

Airmax CrystalClear TrueRock Outdoor Faux Rock Cover, Artificial...
  • Camouflage Pond Equipment and Plumbing – Fake rock covers look and feel like the real thing! Blends beautifully into any landscaping and is ideal for hiding unsightly items in your yard or garden.
  • Lightweight, Durable Fiberglass Construction – Hollow rock covers are easy to pick up and move. Rugged construction ensures equipment protection. Not made of plastic that is prone to fade and fail.
  • Realistic Looking Fake Boulders – An easy upgrade to any backyard, house, business, park, or natural setting where the essentials of modern life throw off the uninterrupted beauty of nature.

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Driveway Pole Markers

I have many friends in Canada who use pole markers in the winter to outline their driveways when they have feet of snow outside. I’ve always thought that these would be good as a general outliner to use in yards to keep cars off of them. So you may want to consider using these pole markers year-round, check them out…

Sunnyglade 100PCS 48 Inch Driveway Marker 5/16 Inch Dia...
  • Features highly reflective, durable, Fiberglass poles that are visible at night and in any weather.
  • Property markers, keep cars and trucks off your grass, and other areas of your property, such as mailbox, curb and fire hydrant. In winter, keeps your yard from being torn up by snow plow.
  • Easy Installation, pointed tip inserts easily into ground. A super poly cap to protect driveway pole during installation. Silver grey reflective tape for day & night visibility.

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Parking Posts

These may look funny in most sub-division lawns (and they may not even be allowed), but these are good temporary posts to use for block parties or for whatever reason there may be a line of cars in front of your house. These stand out so drivers will see them and not park in the grass you place them in. Great for rural yards.

VEVOR 6Pack Traffic Delineator Posts 44 Inch Height, PE...
  • Impact Proof Material: Color: Orange. Total Height: 44”/110 cm. Base: 16" x 16"/42 x 42 cm. This traffic delineator post kit is constructed of a high-quality polyethylene post and a high-density rubber base, with resistance of weather, durable for long time service.
  • 10 Inch Reflective Band: This channelizer cone is designed with a 10-inch reflective band, drawing passers-by's attention, alerting pedestrians and motorists about upcoming cautions and guide traffic. The reflective coating meets night visibility requirements.
  • Great Portability & 6-Pack: The orange delineator post features an arrow top and portable base for transportation. The octagonal rubber base is heavy enough to keep sturdy in case of being knocked over. The package comes with twelve packs of posts.

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If you want something more sturdy and robust. Then you may want to opt for the metal or steel versions of these parking posts. These are much more permanent when installed correctly on concrete. So these are used in special circumstances. There are several different types of parking posts available.

BISupply Safety Bollard Post Parking Barrier 1 Pack - 42in Yellow...
  • [Provide Peace of Mind]: Protect your storefront, project equipment, and pedestrian traffic with the BISupply 42in (106.7cm) Safety Pipe Bollard
  • [Strong Defensive Size]: Constructed from 1/8in (3mm) walled steel pipe the 4.5in (11.4cm) diameter valet safety post is outfitted with an 8in (20.3cm) square mounting base for increased strength
  • [Easy Mount Base]: Pre-drilled holes measuring 0.86 x 1.25in (2.2 x 3.2cm) in each corner - 6in (15.2cm) center to center - to bolt down with 3/4in anchor bolts (not included); Fill with concrete for added defense

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On the lighter side, you may want to opt for the foldaway parking posts. These install just like the others above but these will foldaway if someone gets too close. Its a nicer, gentler pole that won’t damage cars but still attracts enough attention to keep cars off the lawn.

Vechkom Folding Parking Post Parking Barrier Spring Type...
  • ✔ General: parking post can be applied to driveway, garage, parking lot, front yard, parking space.
  • ✔ Highly visible: The safety parking barrier is made of high-temperature spray paint, and the external powder is painted bright yellow with red reflective stickers. It is highly reflective at night and can have a good vision at night.
  • ✔Spring design: strong spring design is anti-collision and durable, durable

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Parking Cones

The old classic to prevent cars from parking where you don’t want them. The bright orange parking cones we all grew up with are easy to setup and configure on and around your yard. Can be used temporarily or just leave them along your driveway year round. Here’s a guide on all you need to know about parking cones.

[ 10 Pack ] 18" Traffic Cones PVC Safety Road Parking Cones...
  • Package includes:10 x 18" Traffic Cones
  • Material: PVC
  • Bright Reflective Tapes :With Bright reflective strips

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Driveway Guards Safety Netting

This is a newer item to the market that would be good to use to keep cars and people out of your yard. This is also good for children’s safety to let them play on the driveway, catch the stray ball from going into the street, etc..

This one in particular is very useful because its retractable. Just setup the two end of the driveway guard and extend the netting for as long as a barrier as you want or as long as it will extend. Use multiple guards to block off entire areas.

Kidkusion Retractable Driveway Guard, Black, 20' | Driveway...
  • Weather-proof outdoor retractable net made in the USA
  • Includes two mounting ground sleeves and galvanized steel poles
  • This product is NOT a gate; For driveway use only

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Safety Fencing

Okay, so I saved the worst for last. 🙂 I say that because I hate using this stuff. It reminds me of my BellSouth Tech days where I had to use this constantly to setup a ‘safety’ barrier around the hold I was working in. I was required to do this and never really felt safe in this magic barrier. read about safety fencing guidelines for residential yards.

But, with that said, this safety fencing is probably the least costly items that you can use to put around your yard to prevent cars from parking on it. You will need to get ground stakes as well to hold it and to give it some sort of wall shape. It works, it just requires a bit more work to setup. Storing it is easy as well if you have a shed or attic to put it in. Enjoy!

Tenax 2A060006 Guardian Economy Safety Fence, Orange, 4-Feet by...
  • Use as a visual barrier or safety Fence
  • Made in the USA with 100% selected materials
  • 5 plus years of Use

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Now if you want to get a little more sinister you can opt for caltrops. These things are anti-vehicle spikes that can deflate tires. You should not need to have to use these but sometimes push comes to shove with some homeowners. I have not used these on my yard and probably never will. Just wanted to point this out. But note, this could be and are most likely illegal to use even on your own property. If someone gets hurt or it causes damage it could fall back on you. So probably best to keep these away from people and use them to deter larger animals perhaps.

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Do you have any stories to tell about people parking on your lawns? Please share in the comments below.

Spike Strips

A little less sinister are these spike strips. These are deterrents for raccoons and other small animals to keep them out of areas of a yard or pool or even in your house. This should also work as a deterrent for human drivers as well, as they will see spikes on the ground and opt to park on the street or somewhere else. Pro Tip: paint them florescent orange to be sure they are noticed.

Critter Pricker Raccoon Deterrent Proven Humane Dog Cat Garden...
  • Strong polypropylene patented snap hook design articulates very sharp spikes connect to make a mat to deter animal scat
  • Invented by a professional proven results. Only product that connects to build protective mat
  • Perfect for pools steps walls fences trash cans roofs Raccoons Cats and burglar anti climbing repellent

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Hedge Wall

This may be a more pricy option but will certainly get the point across plus it can look really good as well along your border. A hedge wall with artificial boxwood should keep those pesky drivers out of your lawn. Plus since its artificial it should last a decent amount of time before needing to replace. The maint on these should be low as long as you mount it on the ground securely. Weather for sure will affect it but it should still be a good attractive boarder you can add along your property line.

AGPL Upgraded Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall with Gray Color...
  • DIMENSION :48" Width x 48" Height x 12" Deep Easy assembly in 10 Minutes as well as convenient assembly and disassembly. have installation instruction in the package
  • COLOR :Dark Green + Dark Gray . Mat : Dark Green , The Thickened Stainless Steel Planter Box : Gray Match Almost Any Environment . A Pefect Product To Decorate Your Space And Create Privacy Indoors Or Outdoors
  • QUALITY : UV Rated Boxwood Panel With SGS Certificate for Outdoor Installations and Sturdy & Double Rustproof Base Box (Stainless Steel Which Is Powder Coated ) and Frame .Adaptive Temperature :-98℉~212℉. So It Adapt To Any Season, Even In The Dead Of Winter. And It Is Water Proof Also.

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So, what do you think of these barrier types for lawns. Some will work better than others at deterring cars from being park where you don’t want them but all should at least send the signal to the driver saying ‘Hey don’t park here silly’.

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