9 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers + Buying Guide 

Zero-turn mowers are all the rage lately and for good reasons. For starters, zero-turn mowers offer superior maneuverability, faster mowing times, and a comfortable ride. Did you know that zero-turn mowers are easier to control than regular lawnmowers?

Commercial zero-turn mowers come with larger, more powerful engines and transmissions and bigger tires than their residential counterparts, making them excellent options for sprawling yards or tasks requiring high-cutting performance. 

I’ve invested in a couple of commercial-grade zero-turn mowers over the years, so I do know a thing or two about the factors to look for when choosing the best commercial-zero-turn mower for your needs.

When on the shopping trail for the best commercial zero-turn mower, you’ll be spoilt for choice given the myriad models to choose from, some with adjustable seats, large-capacity fuel tanks, electric blade engagement systems, and other excellent features like 24-inch drive wheels and fabricated steel decks.

The John Deere ZTrak series is my #1 choice and comes with the right amount of features to complete several tough tasks easily and effectively. 

But here’s a list of the 9 best zero-turn mowers this year in my opinion, and a detailed buying guide to ease your buying decision:

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9 Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers 

1. John Deere Z-900 Series Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers 

John Deere Z-900 Series

Established in 1837, John Deere is a leading name in agricultural machinery and forest machinery space and manufactures a wide range of both commercial and residential zero-turn mowers. 

The John Deere ZTrak series of commercial zero-turn mowers is geared toward lawn care professionals and large-size lawns and includes several different models. 

The John Deere Z915E slots in at the #1 position on this list of best commercial zero-turn mowers owing to its top-notch performance and durability. 

The John Deere Z900 commercial-grade zero-turn mower is available in a choice of three different size cutting decks – a 48″ cutting deck, a 54″ cutting deck, or a 60″ cutting deck. 

These cutting decks are made from a single piece of 7-gauge steel, which provides high-quality cuts in diverse situations. The stamped decks of the John Deere Z900 series mowers also minimize the number of welds and provide a smooth underside with fewer sharp corners. 

The John Deere Z series commercial zero-turn mower boasts an 18,500 fpm (5,639 m/min) blade tip speed for more blade cuts per inch mowed.

The front edge of the blade of the John Deere Z900 mower is raised above the blade plate to allow even cutting of tall and uneven grass.

About comfort, the Z 900 series commercial-grade mower takes home the gold with two seating options, both of which are factory-installed.

The two seating options are plush-padded seats with armrests and plush-padded seats with armrests and isolation. 

Each seat is fitted with a patented ComfortGlide comfort system that provides superior comfort on rugged terrain.

The open cabin of the John Deere Z 900 commercial mower is equipped with a two-lever hydrostatic control, which allows you to select the ground speed and control the direction by simply moving the levers forward or reverse.

The John Deere Z 900 commercial grade mower is backed by a standard 2-year, unlimited hour/3-year, 1200-hour (whichever comes first) bumper-to-bumper warranty.


  • Two seating options
  • 7-Iron PRO mower deck
  • Air-cooled, vertical shaft gas engine
  • Hydrostatic Drive Train
  • Dual-element, canister-style air filter
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty 


  • 43.5 L fuel tank capacity may be less for some users
  • Not available with Kawasaki or Briggs & Stratton Engine

2. Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT Commercial Zero-Turn Mower

Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT

Founded in 1960, Cub Cadet is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, including utility vehicles. The company offers a vast lineup of zero-turn mowers, most models geared towards residential use.

The Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 is a top-rated model from the company’s lineup and is equipped with not one but two hydrostatic transmissions for commercial-grade power and effortless 7 MPH forward (3.5 MPH reverse) ground speeds.

But that’s not all, the ZT1 50 Cub Cadet zero-turn mower also features a premium 23 HP/726cc Kawasaki FR691V twin-cylinder OHV engine, so you can expect nothing less than high-quality cuts even in tough conditions.

It comes with a solid and wide 50-inch AeroForce fabricated deck and a fully adjustable seat, which can be adjusted between 15 cutting height positions. This fully electric cutting deck is fitted with three-gauge wheels for easy maneuverability 

The Cub Cadet ZT1 50 zero-turn mower rests in a continuous square 2-inch by 2-inch tubular steel frame coupled with a full e-coated lower frame and corrosion prevention system. 

Adding to its long list of features is a powerful 210 CCA battery and a large 3.5 gal. US (13.25 L) fuel tank. The Cub Cadet ZT1 50 commercial comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the deck shell and a 3-year unlimited-hour warranty.


  • Comfortable/adjustable seat 
  • AeroForce deck 
  • Continuous tubular steel frame 
  • Dual hydrostatic transmissions 
  • 3 HP/726cc Kawasaki FR691V twin-cylinder OHV engine


  • No fuel gauge 
  • No deck wash 

3. Toro GrandStand Revolution 

 Toro GrandStand Revolution 

The Toro GrandStand is a real stunner with its fiery red finish and also offers a lot to offer under its hood. It features class-leading Hyper-Cell batteries, which have been rigorously tested to pass extensive environmental and third-party certification.

The Toro GrandStand commercial zero-turn mower is built on a proven chassis and Turbo Force deck and delivers low overall costs over the machine’s service life.

It can be ordered in a choice of three variants namely 48-inch, 52-inch, and 60-inch cutting decks. A zero-turn mower with a wide 60-inch cutting deck is considered commercial grade.

The Toro GrandStand Revolution 60-inch commercial-grade zero-turn mower features patent-pending software controls and is optimized for engine power, rough terrain, operator platform comfort, speed control, and feel and response.

This big machine will last you a while with the latest technology at the right price, some even with the hydro-gear ability, premium deck design, and Vanguard.

The Toro GranStand commercial zero-turn mower is a great option for professional landscapers and  commercial landscapers alike owing to its advanced technology  

It can be paired with Horizon 360 connected technology, which provides you with several key insights about the Toro GrandStand mower such as battery life and charging status.

The Toro GranStand commercial zero-turn mower is fitted with razor-sharp 0.204 in. (5.18 mm) blades, and is CARB compliant, meaning it has been approved for sale by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

It comes with semi-pneumatic 11 in. x 4 in. – 5 in. (27.9 x 10.2 cm – 12.5 cm) caster tires and 20 in. x 10.5 in.- 12 in. (51 x 26.7 – 30.5 cm) Super Turf drive tires that collectively provide superior traction in various lawn conditions.

The deck of the Toro GrandStand commercial zero-turn mower is crafted from thick 7-gauge steel that offers a 1.5 – 5.5 in. / 3.8 – 14.0 cm height of cut.

To top things off, the Toro GrandStand commercial zero-turn mower comes with a planetary gearset transmission, and twin lever steering controls.


  • 0.204 in. (5.18 mm) blades
  • Thick 7-gauge Turbo Force steel deck 
  • Super Turf drive tires 
  • Can be paired with Horizon 360-connected technology
  • Twin lever controls for standing operation 


  • Warranty information unavailable on the website 

4. Husqvarna Z560LS Commercial Zero-Turn Mower


Husqvarna Z560LS

Husqvarna truly needs no introduction but briefly is a Swedish company founded in 1969 to manufacture muskets.

The company has come a long way since then and has branched into several companies, one of which produces several outdoor products including chainsaws, robotic lawnmowers, and garden tractors.

The Husqvarna Z500 is a commercial-grade zero-turn lawnmower series that represents a modern design focused on cut quality, durability, and productivity.

Additionally, the zero-turn mowers in this series boast industrial-strength throughout their design and provide excellent mowing efficiency.

The Husqvarna Z560LS is equipped with a powerful Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engine, which brings to the table superb displacement combined with an electronic engine throttle control, resulting in stable torque delivery even in extreme cutting conditions.

Next, the Husqvarna Z560LS commercial-grade zero-turn mower features a 6-inch deck, optimized deck baffles, and high-performance cutting blades, all designed to provide exceptional cut quality and clipping dispersal.

The Husqvarna Z560LS zero-turn mower offers faster cutting speed than most of its competition and is fitted with a heavily bolstered cushioned seat that provides all-day comfort during use.

This dial-by-weight full-suspension seat offers unsurpassed comfort under the most adverse conditions, giving you yet another reason to buy the Husqvarna Z560LS commercial zero-turn mower.

The Husqvarna Z560LS is factory-fitted with award-worthy HydroGear transmissions, which are engineered to handle the biggest jobs without any hiccups.

In terms of user experience, the Husqvarna Z560LS zero-turn mower doesn’t disappoint with comfortable, user-focused ergonomic controls that are easy to reach.

You also get a foldable rollover protection system that protects you and can be lowered in areas without proper clearance.

The Husqvarna Z560LS commercial zero-turn mower comes with a patent-pending automatic braking system that is activated and deactivated as the steering levers are moved outwards or inwards.

It can be loaded with an impressive 12 gallons of fuel and arrives with a smaller and more robust AGM battery.


  • HydroGear transmissions
  • 12-gallon capacity fuel tank 
  • AGM battery 
  • Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engine
  • Electronic engine throttle control 


  • Limited to 1 color option 

5. Craftsman Z7600 24 HP 54-in Gas Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Craftsman Z7600 24

Craftsman Tools, now part of MTD holdings offers an excellent lineup of line of tools, lawn and garden equipment, and work wear. The company was a house brand established by Sears in 1927 and was later acquired by Stanley Black & Decker.

Craftsman offers a large portfolio of zero-turn mowers, of which the Z7600 is regarded as a commercial-grade model. The Z7600 Craftsman zero-turn mower comes with all the bells and whistles, some of which are not seen in much higher-priced models in its segment.

It features a left foot and magnetic pin deck for ease of use and allows you to choose from 15 deck heights. Furthermore, this high endurance 54-inch reinforced fabricated deck is designed to hold up in the worst of conditions.

Unlike other commercial-grade zero-turn mowers, the Z7600 model comes with LED headlights to illuminate your path in low-light conditions.

Concerning performance, the Craftsman Z7600 mower is hard to beat with its 24-horsepower Kohler Pro KT735 engine that showcases nothing less than premium performance.

The Craftsman Z7600 commercial-grade zero-turn mower is proudly made in the USA with global materials and is equipped with a 20-inch, 3-color cut-and-sew armrest and slide adjustable seat.

One of the noteworthy features of the Craftsman Z7600 zero-turn mower is its smooth ride, thanks to its front caster suspension.

The Craftsman Z7600 commercial zero-turn mower glides over your grass with its 20-inch x 12-inch rear tires that are designed to provide an optimal grip and prevent turf damage.

It comes with a rubber floor mat that helps reduce vibration on the operator’s feet, adding to a comfortable mowing experience. The Craftsman Z7600 zero-turn mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 5-year warranty on the frame.


  • LED headlights
  • 20-inch x 12-inch rear tires
  • 5-year warranty on the frame
  • Left foot and magnetic pin deck
  • 24-horsepower Kohler Pro KT735 engine


  • Armrests do not have extra padding

6. Ariens Zenith Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers 

Ariens Zenith

You probably haven’t heard about Ariens, given that there isn’t much mention of the company in the lawn care space. Founded in 1933 and stylized as AriensCo, Ariens is an American equipment company located in Wisconsin.

The Ariens Zenith commercial zero-turn mower is a highly affordable model and is designed for both residential and commercial yards.

It comes with commercial components like the Envy cutting system, which includes a fabricated deck constructed of strong 10-gauge steel.

The Zenith commercial zero-turn mower by Ariens is powered by a professional-grade 726cc Kawasaki​ FX730V V-Twin engine, which is built for the toughest jobs on your docket such as mowing on hills and rugged terrain.

It features a foot-operated deck lift and a Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transaxle. The Ariens Zenith commercial zero-turn mower comes with a high-back padded seat complete with armrests and sealed ball bearings for supreme comfort and little or no vibration during use.

The Zenith by Ariens zero-turn mower offers a wide 60-inch cutting width and allows you to choose from 15 cutting positions. It can travel at 8 mph / 12.9 kph forward and 4 mph, so you get through your tasks quickly.

This zero-turn lawnmower model comes with a 5.1-gallon fuel tank,13.0 x 6.5-inch front wheels and 22.0 x 12.0-inch rear wheels. The Ariens Zenith commercial zero-turn mower is backed by a 4-year warranty or 750 hours against any manufacturer defects.


  • Foot-operated deck lift
  • Wide 60-inch cutting deck 
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transaxle
  • 4-year warranty or 750 hours
  • Professional-grade 726cc Kawasaki​ FX730V V-Twin engine


  • The 5.1-gallon fuel tank may be less for some users

7. Gravely PRO-TURN 372 KAWASAKI Comercial Zero-Turn Mowers 


Founded by Benjamin Franklin Gravely, Gravely Tractors is a leading manufacturer of powered lawn and garden implements and has recently forayed into the walk-behind and zero-turn mower space.

After checking the appropriate boxes on the company’s website, the PRO-TURN 372 KAWASAKI cropped up as the best Gravely zero-turn mower model.

This newly designed model is not only a hard worker in the field but also keeps you comfortable throughout the day. The Gravely Pro-Turn is equipped with a Kawasaki FX921V engine, which boasts a 61 in / 999 cc engine replacement, giving it the potential to make more power.

It brings onboard the Parker HTJ drive system, which is a hydrostatic drive system that offers substantial power and savings on energy.

The Gravely Pro-Turn 372 commercial zero-turn mower comes with a large 12.5-gallon fuel tank and can sprint at 11 mph / 6.8 kph forward and 5 mph / 3.1 kph in reverse.

The Gravely Pro-Turn commercial zero-turn mower is one of the few commercial models that is fitted with a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, which greatly lowers your overall operating costs. It arrives with a 7 ga Fabricated X-Factor 3 deck, making it a robust piece of equipment.


  • Fabricated X-Factor 3, 7 ga deck 
  • Parker HTJ drive system
  • Kawasaki FX921V engine


  • The quality of front tires could be improved 

8. EGO Power Plus POWER+ 52” Z6

EGO Power Plus POWER+ 52” Z6

EGO bills itself as a company built on innovation and this is evident from the company’s product portfolio.

Established in 1993, EGO set the benchmark for cordless technology right from the start and today is regarded as one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers, which in terms of numbers equates to a whopping 10 million united each year, spread across 65 countries.

The Ego Power + Z6 is a solid machine that comes with an array of features to give you more bang for your buck. Check out my full review of the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower.

There are several reasons why the Ego Power + mower is awesome including its trademarked Peak Power+ technology, which combines the power of six EGO 56V ARC lithium batteries, leading to the power and performance of a gas mower.

In terms of numbers, the Ego Power+ Z6 is engineered to deliver up to 25 horsepower and can reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour.

The EGO Power+ Z6 commercial zero-turn mower can cut up to 4 acres of lawn on a single charge of the included 12Ah batteries. These batteries are fully expandable, meaning you can easily add more batteries to cut as many acres as needed.

What you don’t see much in commercial zero-turn mowers is an LCD screen but the EGO Power+ Z6 model is appointed with a clear, crisp, and intuitive LCD interface that allows you to completely customize your mowing experience including choosing from three driving modes – standard, control, and sport.

The EGO Power+ Z6 comes with a 52-inch cutting deck and provides unmatched comfort with an adjustable seat suspension. The cutting deck can be adjusted between 5 positions starting from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches.

This versatile commercial zero-turn mower by EGO offers 3-in-1 functionality – mulching, bagging, and side-discharge and keeps you connected with the integrated Bluetooth, USB, charging port, and phone holder.

Other noteworthy features of the EGO Power+ Z6 commercial zero-turn mower include IPX4 weather-resistant construction, a 5-year tool, battery, and charger warranties, and 32 LED lights front, side, and rear.


  • LCD interface
  • Six EGO 56V ARC lithium batteries
  • Cuts up to 4-acres on a single charge
  • 25 HP equivalent engine
  • 5 Independent brushless motors for superior performance 


  • The deck may be noisy at times 

9. Exmark Lazer Z X-Series

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series

Exmark – now part of the Toro Company offers a mix of residential and commercial zero-turn mowers. Of all the options available, the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series checks all the right boxes in terms of the power and performance needed for the most demanding landscape professionals.

This top-rated commercial mower from the Exmark hangar can be ordered in several cutting widths including the 96-inch UltraCut Flex Wing cutting deck.

It provides an optimal mowing experience with its exclusive cut quality enhancing Adapt Technology, and easy-to-use controls.

The Exmark Lazer Z Series commercial zero-turn mower is an excellent choice for homeowners and professionals and is equipped with the company’s e EGov and RED Technology, which can boost fuel efficiency by 40+ percent.

It comes with a full suspension seating system so you won’t feel a thing when traveling over hilly terrain, uneven terrain, and tough terrain. The Exmark Lazer Z features tool-less belt removal, which makes it easy to install the deck and hydro belt without using any tools.

When it comes to productivity, you can count on the Lazer Z by Exmark given its increased power with larger engine displacements and higher ground speeds with a 16cc drive system.

Even though the Exmark Lazer Z comes with a premium, it has all the features and traits you’d expect from a commercial-grade zero-turn mower.


  • 96-inch UltraCut Flex Wing cutting deck for cutting many acres of grass 
  • Adapt Technology for an optimal cut in a wider variety of conditions
  • Patented RED technology 
  • 16cc drive system
  • Full suspension seating system


  • A little more pricey than the competition

Commercial Zero-Turn Mower Buying Guide 

Buying a commercial zero-turn mower is a big-ticket purchase but here are a few factors to consider to ease your decision. Stay updated on the dangers of rollover of zero-turn and riding mowers.

Commercial Engine 

The engine plays a pivotal role in the performance of a commercial zero-turn mower. The good news is that there are several powerful gasoline engine options to choose from including Kawasaki FX, and HP gas-powered Briggs & Stratton engines.

Commercial zero-turn mower engines should offer a surge of horsepower, somewhere between 24 horsepower to 40 horsepower. The bigger and tougher the job, the more horsepower engine you’ll need to complete the task efficiently and effectively.

Commercial Zero-Turn Mower Cutting Deck Width 

This is where you need to pay attention because the size of the cutting deck determines how much lawn you can cut with each pass.

You typically need a wider cutting deck such as a 60-inch deck or 72-inch deck for commercial tasks as you’ll probably be cutting larger lawns.

Commercial Zero-Turn Mower Cutting Performance 

Zero-Turn mowers provide 360° cutting performance, making them a great choice for curved and large-sized lawns and to cut around flower beds and tight spaces.

The cutting performance of a commercial zero-turn mower is determined by the speed, engine power and the deck size and quality of the respective model.

Comfort of Commercial Zero-Turn Mower

All the commercial zero-turn mower models mentioned on this list come with commercial-grade components like plush-padded seats and durable designs complete with suspension systems to greatly reduce operator fatigue. Some commercial zero-turn mowers also come with comfortable armrests and cup holders.

Accessories of Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers 

With zero-turn mowers, you can do much more than mow your lawn. Many models come with myriad different accessories or give you the option to buy them separately. The list includes stripe kits, baggers, and light kits.

Zero-turn mowers with electric motors can be had with extra batteries but many models do come with a set of batteries as standard equipment such as the EGO Power+ model.

John Deere’s official website lists a plethora of optional accessories including a dual headlight kit, floor mat, thicker steel 60-inch decks, and deck front roller kit.

In some cases, you can even customize the engine and other components of the mower before purchasing or swapping a Kawasaki V or HP Kawasaki FX engine for an HP Briggs & Stratton engine.

Warranty and Support of Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers  

Zero-turn mowers are built to last and as such come with long manufacturer warranties, some upwards of 5 years.

Final Thoughts 

If you have a sprawling yard or are in the landscaping business, buying a commercial-zero turn mower is a great investment.

When on the shopping trail for the best commercial zero-turn mower, there are a sea of options to choose from. But after diligent research, I’ve narrowed my list to 9 best commercial zero-turn mowers available.

The John Deere ZTrak series is my #1 choice and comes with the right amount of features to complete several tough tasks easily and effectively.

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