Can You Use Atrazine on Zoysia Grass?

Can You Use Atrazine on Zoysia Grass?

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From Stephen K.

“HI Alex, I have a zoysia lawn in Northern Georgia and last season I started to get some tall fescue growing in different areas of the lawn thanks to my neighbor’s overseeding. I heard that using Atrazine could be a good product to use as I don’t want to hurt the Zoysia but still get rid of the fescue. Should I use Atrazine or something else?”


Hi Stephen, thanks for writing in. I don’t recommend you use Atrazine or a product that has Atrazine as the active ingredient since it will not be labeled as safe to use on Zoysia.

I like a product with Sulfosulfuron as the active ingredient such as a product called Certainty. This is labeled as a post-emergent and will kill off tall fescue as its growing, so apply it once you see it. It should work well in the winter (above 50 degrees) as well if you are wanting to keep fescue out of the dormant Zoysia. If you haven’t heard of Atrazine, this guide should help.

This is also a good product to control Nutgrass as that is persistent in your area in spring.

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Alternatives to Atrazine for Zoysia

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