Fall/Winter Gift Guide: Be a Backyard Boss

Welcome to our 1st gift guide. We have been on the prowl for some cool backyard products that will take your outdoor living to the next level this fall and winter season. In no particular order, here are some gift ideas for yourself this season or to give to anyone for any reason.

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Firebuggz Smores Tools


Campfire Fishing Pole

The perfect cookout accessory for those who love fishing, or just for those who want to have fun! The Fire Fishing Pole from Firebuggz lets you dangle multiple hot dogs, marshmallows, shrimp, stuffed jalapenos, or just about anything else you can think of over an open flame and then, with the flick of the wrist, quickly and neatly flip them over for even cooking every time. It has 4.7 stars out of over 200 Amazon ratings.   

Camping S’More Builder

Who doesn’t love the campfire’s favorite dessert of s’mores? But making them, especially if helping little children, always involves sticky and maybe even burnt fingers. Firebuggz’s S’More Builder is the easy, hassle-free way to make a perfect s’more every time! Just place the cracker and chocolate inside the basket, the toasted marshmallow slides off from the slot, and then cap it with the top cracker. Flip it over into your hand and enjoy!

The Deck Tool Review

the deck tool review

The Decktool makes it very easy to clear debris out of cracks in a deck after it has been blown off. It greatly reduces aggravation and bending over.  It helps make the deck look its best,  reduces the chance of wood rot, and is great for paint and stain prep.   And Nobody Has One! 

It is available at:  https://thedecktool.com/   for $19.95 with Free Shipping.

ToadFish The Anchor – Non-Tipping Cup Holders


No cup holder? No problem. The Toadfish Outfitters Non-Tipping Can Cooler will prevent your drink from spilling even when it’s rocked or knocked. Originally designed for use on boats, the Non-Tipping Can Cooler has been spotted on riding lawn mowers, ATVs, and BBQ tailgate set-ups throughout the U.S. Check out this fun video that shows you how it works.

Testing The Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler

Bushnell PowerView 2 Binoculars

Bushnell Powerview 2 Binoculars review

Good, all-purpose binoculars help people get a closer look at nature and enrich the outdoor experience. Bushnell, a leading optics manufacturer, recently introduced the Powerview 2 binocular, which is built to withstand rough-and-tumble use, yet provides quality viewing at a price most anyone can afford. 

Powerview 2 models feature an aircraft-grade, aluminum alloy chassis built for durability without adding unnecessary weight and bulk. Each model sports high-quality, soft-touch black rubber armor and brushed metal texture finishes that give it an eye-catching modern exterior design and superior ergonomics. Multi-coated optics provide a clear, vibrant image, even in low light. It is suitable for use by adults and children alike. Here is a link to more info:https://www.bushnell.com/binoculars/powerview-2/

Custom Painted Birdhouses

custom painted birdhouses for the backyard

Colorful Row House Style Mansion for the Birds! Hand Painted Wooden Bird House. 9″ Tall, 9.5″ wide, 5.5″ deep. 

Every enchanted garden deserves a whimsical birdhouse! 

Here is a home for a whole family of your favorite feathered friends! Hand-painted. This Row House Mansion will look great in your yard, garden, or even inside on your table for years to come! 

Check out all of the different birdhouse styles here.

SeCa Hose Holder

SeCa Hose Holder Review

The revolutionary SeCa Hose Holder is a portable, metal water hose holder. It lets you perform virtually ANY hands-free and hassle-free water hose-related applications! It helps wash off hands/tools/garden harvests, keeps the hose off the ground (Which is great for grandparents and physically impaired), various types of spot watering the plants/landscaping/lawn, bathing pets, filling up buckets, holding a kink in the hose, and the list goes on and on! Here’s a handy lawn irrigation guide for your reference.

Get this bad boy here.

The Pet House Candle

pet house candle

With various pet odor elimination products available on the market, it can be difficult for a consumer to determine which products are safe and effective. Many products don’t work well or may contain toxic ingredients.  Pet House Candles are tested and proven by an independent lab to eliminate more than 99% of pet odors.  One Fur All has created a unique line of candles, wax melts, room freshening sprays and car air fresheners that contain an effective odor neutralizer to create the freshest environment. Pet House products are made in the USA and free of dyes, paraffin, phthalates and parabens. https://www.onefurallpets.com/

MPOWERD Solar String Lights

mpowered solar string lights2

We’ve put the sun on a string. Hidden inside the expandable unit, Luci Solar String Lights pack 100 lumens into 10 nodes on an 18 ft cord. Along with mobile charging capabilities, this is the perfect way to light up your space. Wondering how solar lights work?

• 18 ft cord in expandable unit
• Mobile charging
• 100 lumens
• Warm white LEDs
• Lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge in low mode
• Recharge via solar panel or quick charge via USB

Link: https://mpowerd.com/products/luci-solar-string-lights

Maple To Go – Portable Real Maple Syrup Packs

maple to go review

Pure Vermont maple syrup packaged in a way that’s perfect for hikers, campers and those who enjoy real maple syrup wherever they go – RVers, trekkers and campers especially.

It’s a lightweight, reclosable 3.4-ounce (TSA compliant) pouch of organic syrup. Amazingly enough, that multi-use size is one-of-a-kind in the maple industry, and it’s made only by Branon Family Maple Orchards.

SA Company Fleece Face Shields

sa company fleece face shields

SA Company’s Fleece Face Shield tubular bandana allows you to stay warm while protecting your face, neck, and ears.  The quality of the fabric is handpicked, with a seamless interior, ensuring quality and durability while weathering the harsh elements of the outdoors.  The designs range from neutral to extreme and stylish with more than 70 different patterns to choose from.  $24.99 at www.safishing.com.

The Face Shield also comes in lighter fabric for children and even dogs!

GO Sleeves – Compression + Kinesiology

GO sleeves compression socks review

Our mission: help ALL people stay mobile and active, regardless of whether they are being challenged with pain while working or playing  

GO Sleeves’ patent-pending technology is the first to combine kinesiology+compression with the goal of accelerating recovery, alleviating pain, and reducing fatigue.

The Kinesiology strips built into GO Sleeves target the specific muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are involved in many common injuries and chronic conditions.

DetraPel Fabric Protection Sprays

detrapel fabric protector spray review

DetraPel, a company that is committed to providing non-toxic protective coatings that do not contain harmful chemicals. The company is creating safer solutions and they reject the use of harmful PFAS chemicals, which are cancerous and found in many household products. Here is info on the three products to note:

Outdoor Gear Protector – is a powerful nanotechnology-based liquid and stain-repellent treatment designed for use on backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hunting gear, and more.

This treatment creates an invisible barrier that protects the surface from the damage caused by water, dirt, mud, and other stains. DetraPel Outdoor Gear Protector is free of harmful fluorochemicals / PFAS and performs on canvas, cotton, suede, mesh, polyester, and more.

High-Performance Outerwear Protector – is a powerful nanotechnology-based liquid and stain-repellent treatment designed specifically for performance outdoor apparel like shell jackets, ski pants, gloves, and hats. This spray-on treatment instantly adds water repellency to all types of insulated and synthetic fabrics.

When applied to fabrics like Gore-Tex, eVent, or Polartec, it will restore water repellency without the use of dangerous fluorochemicals / PFAS. DetraPel’s High-Performance Outerwear Protector is a tough shield against the elements. People can enjoy skiing, skating, snowboarding, climbing, camping, hiking, running, golfing, hunting, and more with excellent stain and liquid protection.

Outdoor Fabric Protector – is designed for outdoor patio furniture, cushions, umbrellas, awnings, and other outdoor fabrics.

This treatment creates an invisible barrier that protects the surface from the damage caused by water, dirt, mud, and food stains. It also helps protect fabrics from fading by blocking out harmful UVA/UVB rays.

It is free of harmful fluorochemicals/PFAS and performs on canvas, cotton, suede, mesh, polyester, and more. Use the fabric protector to help protect your patio furniture against the elements.

The Pocket Chain Saw

pocket chain saw review

Whether you’re car camping or hiking the backcountry, one thing for certain is you’re going to be dealing with cutting wood. It might be for a campfire to clear a trail or even build a shelter, but you’ll be breaking bark.

Able to outperform a wire saw or hatchet, and far lighter and more compact than a bow saw or even a folding saw, the Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw is your indispensable outdoors companion.

The 36-inch-long chain features bi-directional, self-cleaning teeth so it cuts with every pull, ripping through everything from branches to full 5” or 6” trunks in seconds. The 4.5 stars out of 1,330 Amazon ratings are proof this will be the last camp saw you’ll ever own.

A drop of WD40 is all it needs before its first use, and the teeth can be sharpened just as you would with a powered chainsaw. The 4.8-ounce Pocket Chainsaw comes with its rugged pouch and a free magnesium fire starter.

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