Fathers Day Lawn & Garden Gift Guide – 2021 Edition

Fathers Day 2021 is right around the corner so I’ve gathered up some useful gift ideas that you can give Dad this year. If you are on the hunt for some lawn & garden ideas, I’m sure you will get some inspiration from the picks this year, as most you won’t find sitting on the shelves at Lowes’ or Home Depot.

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Ekrin Percussion Massager

ekrin percussion massager

Ekrin Athletics’ best-selling massage gun, the Ekrin B37, is the perfect tool for moms that are looking to improve their health and overall fitness. Whether it’s recovering from a workout, reducing stress, improving circulation, or getting a better night’s sleep, massage guns offer many benefits.  With its premium design, versatility and balance, nothing tells Dad “I love you” like giving him the latest in massage technology by Ekrin Athletics! 

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Ooni Pizza Ovens

ooni pizza ovens

Ooni pizza ovens are the perfect item to upgrade your backyard and pizza game. The ovens reach 950 degrees, which is the temperature needed for true, Neapolitan-style pizza. At that temperature, pizzas cook in about 60 seconds.

More than that, they can cook steaks, fish, and veggies, and they’re portable so you can easily move around the backyard. Ooni has gas-powered, wood-fired, and multi-fuel options to appeal to a wide range of pizza lovers, and prices are pretty accessible compared to the competition (starting at $299 up to $599.)

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Talia di Napoli – Pizza from Italy

Talia di Napoli
  • Talia di Napoli pizzas give you and your beloved mom the convenience to fully enjoy authentic Italian flavors without traveling abroad. We bring the authentic Neapolitan pizza directly to your table. Have a backyard picnic and eat Talia’s Pizza Amore with your mom to celebrate the day!
  • Talia sources the best ingredients to ensure the premium taste and flavor of the pizzas. All ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes, and even water, are all-natural ingredients from Southern Italy with no preservatives, no additives, and no GMOs. We also offer gluten-free options for consumers.
  • Talia pizzas are comparable to freshly made pizzas in restaurants because all pizzas are flash-frozen and put to “sleep” using a state-of-the-art, patented cryogenic chamber within seconds of coming out of the oven and can “wake up” flavorful in your home.
  • Talia pizzas can be easily ordered online and we ship nationwide in the United States. Fast and convenient! Talia can help you celebrate the special day safely and romantically at home!

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Console Vault

consold vault

A Console Vault®, The Original In-Vehicle Safe just might be the ultimate gift for Dad for Father’s Day!

We live hectic lifestyles and protecting our valuables when we go into the gym or leave our vehicle with the valet to park can add stress to our lives. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about the possible theft of what you left in the vehicle?

Console Vault®, The Original In-Vehicle Safe™, has a solution with an innovative safe designed with your needs in mind to secure your valuables and handguns in your vehicle. They offer the best technology for manufacturing in-vehicle safes to provide secure concealed storage solutions. Console Vault gives you peace of mind to leave your valuables in the car, when you go out for a hike or are camping. Avoid smash and grabs from the bad guys.  Secure valuables in your light truck or SUV with an in-vehicle Console Vault safe! Give the gift that keeps on giving for that special person, Dad… a Console Vault In-Vehicle Safe! 

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surf grip

The Surf-Grip is a lightweight foam hand plane for bodysurfing which is agreat way to have fun and get fit at the beach (or getting that beachbody!). You may have seen that Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher of Shark Tankinvested in a hand plane company (Slyde) and that is likely to call moreattention to bodysurfing. The Surf-Grip is easy to get to the beach even ifyou are traveling by train or bus. Looking for a great ocean fitness item? Next time you go to the beach,don’t just lay there! Grab a Surf-Grip and get a heart pounding, excitingworkout riding the waves!

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