Best Lawn Care Products & Tool Recommendations

Over the past few years, I have tried dozens if not hundreds of different lawn care products, weed killers, mowers, tools, gear, etc… I’ve started to put together some guides on the ‘best of’ things and will list them all here when new ones become available. So be sure to bookmark this page or signup for the newsletter to be notified when new recommendations are posted.

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Best Lawn Care Recommendation List

2 thoughts on “Best Lawn Care Products & Tool Recommendations”

  1. Hi Alex
    I noticed in your section on crabgrass killers, under the Scott’s halts that you say it’s safe when seeding. This product has pendimethalin and cannot be used when seeding. I’m sure it’s an over site or confused with Scott’s starter fert with mesotrione but I’d hate to see someone use this when seeding
    Best of luck


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